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GDPR Compliance

Proactive Networking have a number of tools to meet the new EU directive.

GDPR has been causing a lot of businesses grief over the last year – but it doesn’t have to. In reality, GDPR is a simple directive, and with a few simple changes and a helping hand, your business can be compliant without the headache.


For example, did you know that GDPR does not actually mandate the use of encryption?  In fact, the word “encryption” only appears four times in the entirety of the 88 pages of the GDPR. But what GDPR does propose is a more risk-based approach to compliance. This means that each organisation affected (that means you) will need to make reasonable efforts to be compliant, and document their approach to compliance. If an organisation chooses not to use encryption, they would need to demonstrate what alternative mechanisms they plan to use to safeguard client personal data.


For many businesses, encryption seems like a complicated and confusing thing. However, it’s far from it. With a little help, encryption is the single most secure method of sharing information while keeping confidential data secure. One of the biggest ‘hotspots’ for data theft is through emails, which can be hacked, phished or simply intercepted, revealing all manner of confidential data to the wrong people. That’s why GDPR is focussed so heavily on recommending encryption – despite not actually mandating it.


At Proactive Networking, we offer a secure email service that works seamlessly with most email products ensuring encryption at every stage.  For example, the Outlook add-in can be bolted on very simply, and provides encryption for both internal and external recipients. Not at your PC, but still want that security? No problem. Our web mail and mobile device apps have the same user experience and tightly encrypted security protocols. We even have tools to encrypt your PC and mobile devices that are ISO compliant, leaving you safe in the knowledge that all information is protected in case of theft, and meets GDPR standards for security. For more information, just get in touch with the Proactive Networking team today.

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