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Business Continuity


No matter what your business does, there is a chance that something might go wrong. It could be as simple as a power cut, or something a complicated as a cyber-attack or a flooded office building. And, while it might sound like we’re exaggerating with that last one, we’re really not. Did you know that on average, one in every five businesses will suffer a major disruption every year? In a competitive and fast-changing market, no business can afford downtime when something goes wrong. In fact, being unable to access your IT systems and all the data they hold could be a death sentence for some.


Data is the most important aspect of your computer systems. Without it, they are just empty shells. Just think about all that data you use every day in your business – customer files, supplier details, accounting records, access keys. Now imagine you don’t have any access to it. How would your business cope? For a lot of businesses, this could be catastrophic. In fact, it’s caused the downfall of many businesses over the years. The good news is, that there is something you can do to protect your business against disruption – create a business continuity plan.


At Proactive Networking, we work with businesses across the South to develop robust [HS1] business continuity plans guaranteed to keep their business running smoothly, no matter what happens. By taking a proactive approach, you don’t have to wait for something to go wrong to put a plan in place. From helping you recognise the potential threats to your company and how they would impact your day to day, right through to creating and implementing a unique business continuity solution, our team are there to ensure your business can keep going even if the worst should happen. Thanks to our unique resources, your business could enjoy the same high end, robust solutions as a blue-chip business, but at a fraction of the cost.


For more information, just get in touch with us today.

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