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Your specialist IT company.

Business & Home Clients alike

Why customers choose us:

How do we deal with our clients ?

Account management is critical to any business to customer relationship and at ProNet we give you a dedicated account manager to assist you with all your enquiries and service requests.

All customers, whether home or business are treated the same ! We deal with you professionally and with great care.

At ProNet we:

  • have a proven track record of service commitment

  • track our customer satisfaction levels

  • have an expanding business

  • offer great levels of service level agreements

  • cater specifically for home users and business users alike. 

  • ensure that a single user in their living room receive the same care an office full of solicitors receive.

ProNet service level agreements (SLA) typically include:

  • the service provided

  • the standards of service delivered

  • the delivery timetable

  • responsibilities of supplier and customer

  • provisions for legal and regulatory compliance

  • mechanisms for monitoring and reporting of service

  • payment terms

  • how disputes will be resolved

  • confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions

  • termination conditions

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Web Dev. & Design



Startup Development Team

Online & Site Support

Network Hub and Cable

Network & Comms

Hand on Laptop

Cloud Services & Hosting

 Hard Drive

Online & Remote Backup

App Screens

Mobile Solutions & Apps

Server Installation

Servers & Data Storage

Online Shopping

Security & Safety Online

Open Laptop

Office 365 & Software

Business Meeting


Business Handshake

Managed Services

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